Unit Dimensions: 8 ft 8 XL 12 ft 16 ft 20 ft

Tips / FAQ


Our 8' and 8' XL storage units are best for:

  • Studio & 1 bdrm apts
  • Small Offices
  • Seasonal Decorations

Our 12' storage units are best for:

  • 2-3 bdrm apts.
  • Small Houses
  • Small-Medium Offices
  • Remodels & Restoration Projects

Our 16' & 20' storage units are best for:

  • 3+ bdrm apts
  • Medium-large houses
  • Big Offices
  • Remodel & Restoration Projects


  • Always get more boxes than you think you’ll need.
  • If it fits in a box, box it, and make sure to label all boxes
  • Disassemble or disconnect all headboards/bedframes, desks, cribs, appliances, tvs/tv mounts
  • Make sure to seal all boxes on top and bottom with tape.


How do Curbside Storage units work?

It’s just like regular self-storage, except we bring it to you! This makes it more convenient & cost-effective than carrying all of your stuff to a facility that has long walks, long hallways, stairs, or elevators. Why not have your storage unit right outside your front door?

Does it cost less than traditional self-storage?

Yes! Curbside Storage is far more affordable and convenient. With conventional storage companies, you have to pack, move, load, and unload not once, but twice! With Curbside, you load once, and that’s it! We make the movingand storage process simple, and stress-free.

How do I know what size/how many units I need?

It’s easy! Just click on our “Unit Dimension” page, then call us. We’re great listeners.

Still not sure? Set up a quick, zero-pressure estimate appointment with our owner, Dan Utterback!

How Do I Access My Belongings?

Simple! Let us know the day before you need access and we’ll place your unit(s) in our gated storage yard. You can drive right up and spend as much time as you need. Best of all? There is no charge.

How much is my Curbside Storage unit?

Prices vary by size and season. To learn more, give us a call at: with listed phone numbers.

How do I pay for my Curbside Storage Unit?

We accept all forms of payment. You can stop by and pay us in cash or check, though most of our customers take advantage of our secure and convenient autopay system with their debit or credit card.

Can I leave my Curbside Storage unit on my property?

Of course! Curbside Storage is the ideal solution for onsite storage. You can leave it on your property as long as you like. However, if you’d like to keep your unit on the street or public property, check city and HOA regulations first. Most cities require a permit.

How long do I have to load/unload my Curbside Storage unit?

We invite you to take as long as you need.